Learn to build website in Penang

We are providing group class for anyone interested to build website. This is an affordable class for students to learn how to build websites from scratch.

For more information, please whatsapp for moreĀ  information. We will assist you . You can whatsapp me from the website.

Course content

  1. Small group lesson
  2. 4 Classes . Each online web building class will be 1.5 hours
  3. Learn to purchase the hosting
  4. Learn to create email address and set up a proper webmail
  5. Learn to install scripts
  6. Learn to use themes
  7. Learn to set up Sliders
  8. Learn to add and remove content
  9. Learn to add and remove sliders.
  10. Learn to install security plugins and do proper SET UP

You will learn how to do a proper SEO the right way and the best practices